As Fall Brings Harvest, and Score Yields Music, So Does Design Yield Award!

Shade Sails give this garden an airy, dynamic feel

(Regarding my “Gardens of the Year Award” in Eva Ditler's article "On key", in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles, September 2013.  Photography by Martin Mann, Patricia Bean/Reflections Image and Christiane Holmquist   Finding the beautiful photos of my award winning design in the San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine and reading Eva Ditler’s melodic description of the garden gave me a jolt of pride and delight. It’s with amazement that I realize how many talents went into the creation … [Read more...]

Looking for new landscape design ideas for your backyard? What about a pond?

pond in backyard garden

One of my very first backyard landscape design projects was a small urban backyard renovation where the homeowners were tired of lawn and old shrubs.  Ryan and Jill were dreaming of a much more peaceful, enchanting scene and asked me to design a pond that they could view from their deck. The sound of water running in a small creek from a small rocky “outcropping” and mound in a far corner of the garden into the pond, and a dense leafy screen surrounding the garden would make the backyard very … [Read more...]

SMALL BUT LOVELY: DIY landscape design ideas for small spaces

Replace the lawn with a pond for greater entertainment

Good things come in small packages! I invite you to my upcoming class at the  Water Conservation  Garden in El Cajon next Saturday. Learn how to create a sparkling jewel of a landscape for your condominium, cottage, side yard, or smaller front or backyard. I will share important principles of design to consider before beginning your project, show you inspiring visual examples of completed projects, and answer your questions about how to make the most of your small space garden. This … [Read more...]

Yay! The fountain is in!

cor-ten steel fountain

(Cont’d from  )  What excitement when the fountain was delivered, after a few weeks of anticipation and faith that the fabricator would “get it” this time.  It’s all we had imagined:  Gracefully curving, it echoes the lines of the house and is of a material that complements its modern character: Cor-ten steel that is formulated to rust naturally and to provide a garden sculpture that works well in this landscape.  Water … [Read more...]

Not your everyday fountain

cor-ten steel fountain

I am working on a project in Carlsbad where I have designed a steel fountain. The fabricator's first attempt was not “inspired” - you can see the kink in the back side of the container.     I had imagined a cor-ten steel container, naturally rusted, with a swerving design that would repeat the curved façade of the residence.. The water spouts (you can see them clearly in the photo) will make the water run over the edges with a ripple. After seeing the fabricator’s first attempt (here … [Read more...]

Weathered Steel Fountains, Troughs and Shade Sails – how cool can you get?

Controlled-rusted steel planters

As a designer, I don’t meet clients at every project whose taste and dreams I can “read” immediately and who are open to my ideas. For this project I developed a concept of rather unusual materials and layouts, and I was thrilled when the clients received my suggestions with lively interest and reciprocated with creativity and  lots of stimulating ideas of their own. In this relatively small garden, it seemed as though the spaces needed for dining, lounging and just hanging out would … [Read more...]